10 Places I’d Visit Armed with a Sketchbook

My dream gap year (if I took one) and the Top 10 places I’d visit armed with a sketchbook (in no particular order):

1. Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan  – Aside from the problem that I might not get a visa because of the country’s strict policy of limiting tourism, it would be incredible to visit this place. I’m also pretty prone to altitude sickness so at the dizzying height of 10,200ft I’d probably need some kind of medication to visit ‘The Tiger’s Nest’.

Taktsang Monastery

2. Riomaggiore, Italy – colour and chaos. I would need some colouring pens for this one for sure.

Riomaggiore, Italy

3. Ta Prohm, Cambodia – The tree growing on it is just the USP, the rest of the temple is mind-bogglingly stunning too.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia tourism destinations

4. Calcutta Jain Temple, India – while I’m there I’d visit the Taj Mahal too…

Jain Temple, Calcutta, India

5. Bangkok, Thailand – This city seems like an amazing place to visit that’s rich in colour and culture… There are so many hidden gems here that I couldn’t pick one out, so here are some tuk-tuks instead!

Tuk Tuks

6. Easter Island, Chile – These guys are just awesome, why wouldn’t I want to visit them?

Dawn over Moais at Ahu Tahai on Easter Island Chile

7. Blue Mosque at Mazar e Sharif, Northern Afghanistan – I know I’d have to miraculously become a man and convert to see all of it but I think I’d be pretty happy even if I just got to see the outside!

Blue Mosque

8. Kjeray, Rogaland, Norway – Just because I really want to stand on this rock!

Hanging Rock Norway

9. Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Why not?

Boats, Amsterdam

10. Giant Buddha, Leshan, China – This is said to be the world’s largest pre-modern statue!

Giant Bhudda, China

Credit to the following whose photos are beautiful: Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan, Riomaggiore, Italy, Ta Prohm, Cambodia, Jain Temple, India, Tuk-tuks, Bangkok, Easter Island, Chile, Blue Mosque, Afghanistan, Kjeragbolten, Norway, Boats, Amsterdam, Giant Buddha, Leshan.


7 thoughts on “10 Places I’d Visit Armed with a Sketchbook

  1. Hey there…while searching for some pictures on Bhutan online, I happened to land on your list….and i have to say wow wow wow loved each one of them….I have seen Takstang Monastery though only from a distance…..n its magnificent……your no 10 the Giant Buddha caught my attention instantly…..it’s indeed awesome….and all worth painting or sketching a picture of 🙂 Hope you have been to most of these places by now.

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